Fire Academy brings in Tactical Strength and Conditioning Instructor for Program Development

With any tactical profession, the academy setting is generally a cadet’s first impression of fitness, health, and wellness as they relate to the tactical operator. An academy should construct the framework of education in which a cadet will utilize as a baseline for occupational preparedness, longevity of health, and injury mitigation. The local Fire and EMS academy, Fire In Texas, expands their cadet resiliency initiative as their continued collaboration with Jabai Performance and Texas A&M University – Commerce progresses toward program implementation.

With the previous academy class (class 68), the Texas A&M University – Commerce ROAR HP Lab provided pre-, intra-, and post-academy movement analysis via Dari Motion.

View Article covering research with Academy Class 68

Academy class 68 was provided movement analysis, but did not include any form of intervention, programming, or fitness instructor involvement. For the current academy class, class 69, Fire In Texas brought in tactical strength and conditioning instructor Hussien Jabai to facilitate physical fitness programming and coordinate exercise demonstrations to cadets.

Dr. Michael Oldham utilizing Dari Motion to analyze cadet movement patterns.

The concept of the program focuses on 3 different phases:

Assessment 1

  • Phase One – Movement Preparation
  • Phase Two – Functional Capacity Training

Assessment 2

  • Phase Three – Job-Specificity Conditioning

Assessment 3

Academy class 69 begins Phase Two this week.

Follow up articles will display program status and development.

About the TSAC Instructor

Hussien Jabai

Hussien Jabai is an exercise science professional with a focus in tactical strength and conditioning. After acquiring his Master’s Degree of Science in Exercise Science from Texas A&M University – Commerce, Mr. Jabai dedicates his time toward presenting on the concepts of strength and conditioning for the tactical community, forming research collaborations driven to improve the lives of first responders, consulting with departments on wellness program initiatives, and developing continued education programs designed to educate both exercise science professionals and the tactical personnel that they service. Mr. Jabai is the Chief Executive Officer, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, and lead qualified TCOLE Instructor for Jabai Performance and the lead TSAC instructor for Texas A&M University – Commerce’s Tactical Performance and Resilience Certificate Program.

About the Lead Researcher

Dr. Michael Oldham

A renowned human performance practitioner and researcher, Dr. Michael Oldham holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition, exploring the role of supplements in human performance, stress, and recovery.  Dr. Oldham’s 30 years of experience as a coach spans across a variety of youth, collegiate, and professional sports, including a consulting coaching role with the US Women’s National Soccer Team prior to the 1996 Olympics.  His research mission at TAMUC is to pursue ceaseless industry, fearless investigation, unfettered thought, and unselfish service to others.  His team is composed of researchers, certified professionals, and tactical professionals with a singular goal, e.g., providing the most comprehensive preparation possible for the first responder and tactical communities, enabling long and healthy careers of public service.

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