Liability Release Form

Risk of Injury

I, the participant, understand that use of any premises, facilities, equipment, services and programs associated with the procedure of this fitness program includes an inherent risk of injury to person(s) and property. By agreeing to this document, I confirm that I am aware of the risks that involvement in the physical activity program entails.

Release of Liability

I, the participant, agree to all responsibility for, and expressly forever release and discharge Hussien K. Jabai, qualified training/instructing staff, and/or any other party and/or all of their affiliated companies from, all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action to oneself, person(s), or property, arising out of or connected with your use of the facility, premises, or services. This agreement includes your release of these person(s) from responsibility for injury, damage, or death to yourself because of those acts or omissions claimed to be related to the active or passive negligence of these persons.

Statement of Medical Release

In relation to the assumption of risk, you, the participant, acknowledges and confirms that you are in good physical condition and have no disabilities, illnesses, or other conditions that could prevent you from exercising and using the provided equipment/facilities without injuring yourself or impairing your health. You have consulted a physician concerning an exercise program that will not risk injury to yourself or impairment of your health. If any medical conditions have been present during a previous date/time, by signing this document, you confirm the acquired clearance from a physician, doctor, or medical/health professional. If, for any and all reasons, you have not or refuse to acquire medical clearance, by signing this liability release form, you accept all legal responsibilities pertaining to medical/physical/emotional health.

Release of Media

I, the participant, am aware of the possibility that images and/or recordings of fitness testing and performance training might be captured and maintained by the company providing the fitness program. You understand that any media resulting from the program might be utilized for (but not limited to) marketing, feedback, or testimonial purposes. As a participant of the program, you provide your consent of such media, and fully and indefinitely release the content to the company providing the serviced program.

Release of Ingestion/Consumption

I, the participant, acknowledges and agrees to the full legal release of Hussien K. Jabai and any affiliated parties of all ingestion of any food or drink, oral or verbal or physical interpersonal interactions, and the presence outside or inside meetings/gathering with the individual(s) providing instruction/supervision.

Release of Equipment Maintenance Liability

I, the participant, fully and indefinitely release Hussien K. Jabai and affiliated parties from liability of maintaining equipment condition and/or function. You understand that the qualified instructor will navigate the training toward proper equipment to the best of his/her ability.

Release of Stolen/Misplaced Belongings

I, the participant, acknowledges that as a participant of this training/physical activity program (instructional and/or educational), that you agree to all legal responsibility of keeping up with you belongings, and take full responsibility of any/all lost, damaged, or stolen personal items.

Risk of Injury During Exercise Testing

I, the participant, understand that exercise testing may include performing at higher heart rate levels, peak performance output, and includes a higher risk of injury. At any point during testing procedures, you are aware and understand that you may ask to stop, be excused, or request a modification (if available). At no point in time should oneself feel a sense of danger or at a risk of damaging your health.

By signing this document, I confirm that I have received, read, and agree to the provided agreement, as well as acknowledge/accept the responsibilities, release Hussien K. Jabai and all affiliates from any/all liability presented above, and take full/complete responsibility of any/all actions I may perform.

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