Tactical Research

Research (assessment, data collection, testing/evaluation) is provided through a collaboration with Texas A&M University – Commerce and it’s ROARHP Exercise Physiology Lab. All research projects are vetted by the Health and Human Performance Research Team, approved by an Institutional Review Board, and conducted in a safe and professional manner.

Current Research

Research Collaboration with Regional Law Enforcement Academy Strives to Assist in Officer Resilience Initiative

Researchers Collaborate with Fire in Texas for Fire Academy Research

Researchers begin 6-month Whoop – HRV, Sleep, and Recovery Study with Melissa Fire Department

Jabai Performance and Texas A&M University Commerce Collaborate with Paris Fire Department on Research Study

Hussien Jabai, MS, CSCS, Collaborates with Human Performance Department of Texas A&M University Commerce to Conduct Firefighter Research

Mission Statement and Research Collaboration Process

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