First Responder Fitness and Wellness Services

Fire Department – Continued Education Workshop

Integrate tactical strength and conditioning experts into your continued education schedule via hands-on/demonstration workshops and lectures.

Potential Topics:

  • Foundations of Tactical Strength and Conditioning
  • Introduction to Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Design
  • Introduction to Assessment and Testing [Primarily for practitioners / peer-fitness trainers]
  • Modifications, Progression/Regression, and Variation in Strength and Conditioning

*Inquiry to discuss including nutrition experts for nutritional workshops and educational lectures provided by a qualified dietician.

*Certificates and/or Course Outlines will be provided for continued education reporting

*Pricing is based on ratio cap of 20 personnel per 1 instruction

*Pricing based on agencies/departments within 60 miles of travel distance. Prices will be adjusted for an inquiring entity farther than 60 miles from our site.

4-hour workshop (half-day)$$$
8-hour workshop (1 day)$$$
16-hour workshop (2 day)$$$$
24-hour workshop (3 day)$$$$
Inquiry for Pricing

Fire/Police Department – Fitness/Training Programming

Hire a qualified TSAC professional to construct a strength and conditioning program for your personnel.

All programming is provided through spreadsheets and video demonstrations.

*This service does not include supervised strength and conditioning sessions.

*Pricing is based on a single program. Contact us to discuss pricing for customized programs per individual personnel.

4-week program$120
8-week program$200
12-week program$325
Add-on Services:
Clinic demonstrating program
*per shift/day
Inquiry for Pricing

Fire Academy – Fitness and Nutrition Curriculum Instruction

Integrate tactical strength and conditioning experts into your academy curriculum schedule via hands-on/demonstration workshops and lectures.

*Curriculum and content is created and provided by Jabai Performance or collaborative entity

*All equipment and resources are provided by the hosting academy entity

4-hour block (half-day)$$$
8-hour block (1 day)$$$
16-hour block (2 day)$$$
*limited to local academies
Inquiry for Pricing

Gym/Facility – Personal Training Professional Development

Consulting – Zoom Meeting

Gym/Facility administration will meet with a qualified profession to discuss areas of concern, common practice mistakes, evaluation of current program, and guidance on progression of current program.

PT Development Workshop

Host a personal trainer development workshop for your current personal training staff. Workshop “topic discussions” are customizable based on needs/demands of staff.

Personal Training Administration Consulting

Gym/Facility administrative staff will acquire guidance from a
seasoned personal training coordinator regarding program development and potential outreach/resources.

*Submit an inquiry to receive pricing.

Zoom Meeting (1 hour)$$
PT Development Workshop
(4hr minimum)
PT Program Consulting
(4hr minimum)
Inquiry for Pricing
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